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Kenneth Kronenberg is a professional translator experienced in old German handwriting (Kurrent, Sutterlin, and chancery script) and Gothic print (Fraktur). He is particularly interested in letters, diaries, and stories from the 19th century and the Holocaust. For more information, see his FAQs.


The diaries, letters, and documents gathering dust in your attic connect you to your family history in ways that even the most elaborate family tree never will. These writings may also contain information or first-hand accounts of general historical value. Certainly they can help you to understand the personal lives of your forebears and the world in which they moved. My own family background, and many years of experience, have given me the perspective necessary to translate this kind of material, and to help you to place yourself and your family in historical context. I work with clients for private use or for publication. For more information, see my FAQs.

Who am I?

I have been a professional translator for more than 20 years. Translations for private clients include:

A selection of my published translations:

Current book project:

No Justice, Nowhere. The diaries of Willy Cohn (1933-1941). Stanford: Stanford University Press, forthcoming late 2011. Cohn was a historian and teacher who lived in Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland). His diary testifies to the progressive contriction of Jewish life under the Nazis. In 1941, he and his family were taken to Lithuania, where they were killed. (If you have letters or diaries from Breslau from this era, I would like to see them).



The cost of translation is always a factor with family documents. Please contact me with any questions; I can help you to decide which papers are likely to be worth the cost of translation and which may not be.

Translation of old German script is time- and labor-intensive. Because of this it is more expensive than the translation of printed text. My base rate is US$20 per 100 English words for handwriting, depending on legibility. If the handwriting is easier, the rate is lower. To give you an idea of what this means, the following sample came to 175 English words, or US$35.

Professional Translator - German Translations

If you send me a sample, I can estimate what that particular sample will cost. The translation will be publication quality

My base rate for the translation of printed text, including Fraktur, is US$15 per 100 English words. A standard 8.5x11 sheet of modern typing paper, which holds about 600 words single-spaced (using 12 point Times New Roman font), will cost approximately $90.

For more information, see my FAQs.
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