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American Ancestors

From The Old World To The New World

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American Ancestors

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Provo, Utah
84605, USA

Tel: (801) 836 1996

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Feb. 16th 2007

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    With genealogical research, our price is the quality you pay for.


  • We are a Professional Genealogy Company with over 30 years experience.
  • We have experts in the United States, Ireland, England, and Scotland. Our researchers specialize in all States including California, Oklahoma, Texas, New York, Chicago, and New England States. 
  • We also have excellent Native American Researchers.

Our Mission:

  • To provide our clients with the expertise that will facilitate accurate, timely information for each of their ancestors.
  • The compilation of expert genealogists in specializing areas who have come together to provide the best and most complete services available.
  • We offer services anywhere from a single query up to a complete Genealogical research project for your entire ancestors. We also offer a service for those who have run into a dead end in their own research. In addition to genealogical services we also offer "Family History" Research. This involves finding out much more detail, including pictures etc. We have access to all records professional genealogist use, including subscriptions to paid genealogical sites. We have also created our own unique databases.
  • We also offer professional paths of research clients should pursue. This will help the individual who wishes to keep their cost of hiring a professional to a minimum.
  • The client will receive an outline of the prospective work.
  • At the conclusion of the research, the client will receive a detailed report of the research. The client will also receive all documents procured on their behalf as well as a CD of all the documents obtained.

Products and Services Overview

  • Archives, Libraries, Directories, Church Records, Periodicals, Biographies, Business Records, Cemeteries, Census's, Civil Registration, Convict Records, Court Records, Emigration, Immigration, Gazetteers, Published Family Histories, Maps, Land & Property Records, Medical Records, Naval & Military Records, Vital Statistics, Birth, Death & Marriage Records, Naturalization, Newspapers, Obituaries, Occupations, Published Pedigrees, Pensions, Social Security, Orphanages, Probate Records, Public Records, Schools, Societies, Voting Registers, Manorial Records, Poorhouses, Taxation Records, Private Collections
  • Client will also receive a "Comment Card" to evaluate our service.

Fee Information:

  • A set hourly fee is available upon request, however, this is normally a huge disadvantage to a client, unless, money is not an issue.  Every genealogical project is different, by contacting us through this Website, we will contact you and determine your individual research requirements for your project.  During this consultation a Professional researcher will ask you specific questions.  Answers to these questions will allow the researcher to define a definite research outline. You will also be able to ask any questions at this time. We have a number of payment options depending upon a variety of variables.  We will discuss these payment options at this time.  The telephone consultation with one of our Professional Researchers is the most important part of any genealogical project.


At American Ancestors Our Price is the Quality You Pay For

Value Project

1.  Our Value Project of a Maternal or Paternal line of Research is $1,900.00 and is the best value for money.  Usually, 80% of a person's family tree for several generations will be accomplished using this method.  This usually takes 30 hours of research time.  (If money is an issue, this is for you)
A retainer of $950 is required to start this Research Level Project.

Medium Level Project

2.  A Medium Level Research project is $7,500.00 for a Maternal or Paternal line.  This is for a 200 hour project.  This normally allows for up to 92% of a person's family tree going back several generations.
A retainer of $4,000 is required to start this Research Level Project.

Advanced Level Project

3.  An Advanced Level Research .  This normally allows between 93 and 100% of a person's family tree going back multiple generations.  These are valued at $50,000.00 and above and last up to 6 months. A retainer of $25,000 is required to start this Research Level Project. (This is the best money can buy)

4.  For all other projects please call for a quote.

What is included in the Research?

The research time includes, formulating a research strategy, looking at books, reading microfiche and microfilm, ordering certificates, personal conversations with record depositories, etc.
During the research project a certain number of difficult obstacles will present themselves to the researcher. These are graded, easy to difficult. Some of these obstacles require a lot of time to find evidence of the correct parents of an ancestor. This is why Client's often ask for a Medium to Advanced Research Project.
For Medium and Advanced Level Research, Normal Expenses are included in the price.

Included in the Price for all Levels.

  1. One CD will have a copy of all the source material. (Digital Images, etc)
  2. The Second CD will have a complete Family Tree depending on the Research Level.
  3. A full report on the outcome of the research.

Included in the Price for Medium to Advanced Levels

  1. A 2' x 5' Color Chart of between 4-8 Generations with a generation of children for each ancestral generation.
  2. A Genealogical Chart of direct ancestors for up to 100 generations.
  3. A printed copy of the report if requested.

Additional Charts can be ordered.
2' x 5' Chart $250 These charts make great gifts.
100 Generation Chart $220 These charts are great if you have more than 10 Generations.
Projects can be in Book Form.
At the completion of a project we can give a client the cost of producing a book.
Coats of Arms
These vary, but are of extremely high quality and can be framed. Priced from $150-200.

Please use the form below to request additional information.

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