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  1. An Overview of Professional Genealogy Organizations and Associations
  2. Hiring a Professional Genealogist you can Trust
  3. Getting What You Expect from a Professional Genealogist - Providing the Details
  4. Accepting Payments for Services via the Internet - A Guide for Professional Genealogists
  5. Brick Wall Research, by Jeanne Lund
  6. Understanding Soundex, by Mary K. Popovich

Eastern Europe:

  1. Finding My Relatives, by Vladimir Bohemian
  2. Ruthenian Surnames Annoy 1569, by Vladimir Bohinc


  1. Your Ancestor's Neighbors, by Debora Hill   ... NEW!
  2. Ancestral Villages: Demographic Perspectives for Genealogists, by Debora Hill   ... NEW!
  3. Finding Mamma in Marsala, by Emilio Terrazzino
  4. Top 10 Things an American Would Miss Moving to Sicily, by Emilio Terrazzino

New Zealand:

  1. Researching New Zealand Records, by Tony Fitzgerald

United Kingdom:

  1. Military Aviation and Prisoner of War Records, by Richard S. Robinson
  2. A Genealogy Research Guide for England & Wales, by Tony Fitzgerald
  3. Records in the National Archives of Scotland, by Diane Baptie
  4. Genealogy Research Tips for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Tony Fitzgerald
  5. An Introduction to Irish Genealogy Research, Tony Fitzgerald
  6. Tracing your Irish Born Grandparent, Tony Fitzgerald
  7. Applications for Entry to Ireland and the United Kingdom, Tony Fitzgerald
  8. A Genealogical Overview of the Public Record Office, Kew, by Roger Nixon
  9. Address Information for UK Genealogical Repositories, by Roger Nixon
  10. Your Ancestor's Neighbors, by Debora Hill
  11. Finding Missing Relations and Living Relatives in Britain, by Tony Fitzgerald
  12. Introduction to Genealogy Research for the United Kingdom, by Phil Westwood
  13. Obtaining Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates for the United Kingdom, by Phil Westwood
  14. United Kingdom Census Returns, 1841-1901, by Phil Westwood
  15. Researching United Kingdom Wills and Probate Records, by Phil Westwood
  16. Researching United Kingdom Parish / Non Conformist Records, by Phil Westwood
  17. A Brief History of Ireland, by John Holwell

United States:

  1. Western New York State Genealogy Research FAQ, by Rick Huff
  2. Information about City and County Directories, by Rick Huff

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