Professional Genealogist - Carolyn B. Ugolini, AG®: Specializing in Italian genealogy and family history in all regions of Italy, as well as US Census, naturalization, passenger lists, etc. On site research also  available.

Carolyn B. Ugolini, AG®

Specializing in Italian Genealogy and Family History
In all regions of Italy

Also US Census, naturalization, passenger lists, etc.
On site research available!

1011 East 11780 South, Sandy, Utah 84094-7330, USA
Tel: (801) 571-6485     Fax: (801) 523-9531

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Why choose my services? Here are some good reasons:

  • I have spent thirteen years of my adult life in northern and southern Italy. During that time our two daughters were born in Milano. I read, write and speak Italian fluently, and Italian is the language of choice in our home.
  • My husband, Valeriano, was born in Montalbo, Piacenza, Italy. He studied at the Vatican until he was sixteen. His mother is from the province of Milano, and his father is from the province of Parma.
  • I was introduced to Italian genealogy in the late 1980's when I organized about 2500 of my husband's ancestors on Personal Ancestral File. My various files now contain over 50,000 names!
  • Before moving to the United States in 1991, we spent countless hours searching the ecclesiastic and civil records of the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Milano and Varese, tracing Valeriano's lines to the late 1500's. Still there were gaps in our research. We had not been able to find my husband's great-grandmother while we lived in Italy. Since we lived about 25 miles from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I began to make trips there two or three times a week, searching for this great-grandmother in the microfilmed records. Occasionally, I would take a break from Italian research to search for my own American and English ancestors. Finally, in 1993, I found our great-grandmother and was able to trace her lines back to the 1600's. While researching at the Family History Library and developing my genealogical skills, I became aware that there were few experts at the Family History Library who could help with Italian genealogical problems. There were only two or three people on the Accreditation List for Italian research. At that time I decided to become accredited so I could help those of Italian descent come to know their ancestors better.
  • I now have been an accredited genealogist for over five years now and I have helped nearly one hundred clients in that time.
  • Academically, I have a Bachelors of Arts in History from Brigham Young University and also did some graduate work there.
  • During the last five months of 2001, I helped my husband research, write, and edit his master's thesis, which has broadened our experience. Valeriano received his MA in December 2001. He helps me with different research questions and with his knowledge of Italian life. Helping him with his Master's seminar papers has vastly improved my research skills. Together, we make a good team My husband and I also do freelance Italian-English, English-Italian translations for various companies. (Two genealogists/translators for the price of one.)

The following are a list of my services:

  • Ascendancy research (All direct lines from one individual, including siblings) to as far as civil and church records go.
  • Descendancy research (All descendants to a stipulated generation).
  • Correspondence in Italian with Civil and Ecclesiastical Authorities for birth, death and marriage extractions.
  • Copies of original birth (baptism), marriage, death records from microfilm of civil and church records.
  • Translation of documents or letters from Italian and Latin. Help in find living relatives in Italy.
  • On site research in Italy (and art history tours).
  • U.S. Federal Census research.
  • U.S. Social Security Death Index Search.
  • U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Research.
  • Database Searches.
  • Passenger List and Ship Searches (including determining immigrant's ship, copy of passenger list and where possibly, copy of photo of ship).
  • Analysis of surname.
  • History of town, province and/or region in Italy.
  • Military records (both U.S. and Italian (where possible).
  • Heraldry and coats of arms (including design of coats of arms).
  • Photo Scanning.
  • Explanation of occupations.
  • Family History Books.
  • In additional, American and English genealogical research, including research of land, probate records, etc. in addition to the previous services.
  • Decorative Family Trees, suitable for hanging.


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