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Focused Marketing: Advertising with genealogyPro is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your genealogy related service or product. Several thousand visitors each month visit genealogyPro in search of these services and products. With approximately 160 clients serving more than 20 countries, it is one of the most comprehensive and effective services of its kind.

Your own place on the Web: One of the first things you'll notice about genealogyPro is that every client has their own personal web page. Other services provide a mere line, paragraph or graphic on an all-encompassing page shared with several others. With genealogyPro, your page is individually tailored to promote your product or service and contains unique 'META' information that helps ensure it ranks high for your key words in the major search engines. The incorporation of other important design techniques helps to ensure your page scores high on searches done with the major search engines such as Excite, Google, HotBot, AltaVista, WebCrawler and others.

E-Commerce Ready: If you accept payments by credit card, you owe it to your clients to ensure their personal credit card details are handled in the strictest of confidence and safe from criminals. Until now, this has been a costly proposition for most smaller businesses. genealogyPro offers a fully secure e-commerce alternative using industry-standard SSL encryption. Sending credit card information by email is not safe, so if you already have a merchant account, but cannot securely handle credit card payments over the Internet, genealogyPro is definitely for you. Click here to read more about genealogyPro's economical e-commerce alternative.

Do what you do best: Advertising your services with genealogyPro means you don't have to learn HTML, JavaScript, Perl or any of the emerging technologies associated with maintaining and marketing a web site. You don't have to keep abreast of web page design techniques that help ensure your services get a prominent listing in search engine results. Nor do you have to go through the painfully slow process of listing your site with all the major search engines and directories. All of these services are included when you advertise with genealogyPro. This allows you to focus your efforts on what you do best without being distracted by ever-changing technical details.

Free advertising with a no obligation trial period: Advertise your services for 3 months free of charge. Take this opportunity to evaluate the service before you pay anything - no obligations, no commitments, no hassle. You have nothing to loose - just new clients to gain!

Promoting your page right from the start: When you register with genealogyPro, your personal page is submitted to the top search engines. These include: Altavista, Anzwers, AOL Netfind, Excite, Google,, HotBot, Infoseek, Infomak, Infospace, Intersearch, Lycos, Northern Light, PlanetSearch, Polarsearch, Powercrawler, Webcrawler, What-U-Seek and many more. When you continue as a paid subscriber, your genealogyPro page is marketed on the Internet using AddWeb. This highly effective website promotion tool submits your site to over 1500 search engines and directories world-wide. Web promotion companies charge more than the cost of a one-year genealogyPro subscription for this service alone. When you sign up, you receive it at no extra cost!

Cost effective!

Additional gateways to your page: Introduced in March 1999, Articles on Genealogy features articles written by genealogyPro clients. Topics address specific genealogy issues such as methods, tips, little known secrets, local history, sources etc. As a paid subscriber, you are invited to submit an article (or articles) of interest to other genealogists, from beginner to seasoned veteran. It costs you nothing to have the article posted, and it may greatly improve the effectiveness of advertising your services on-line. (Email

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for full details.)

Unmatched flexibility: Unlike the printed media, and many on-line advertising services, with genealogyPro you can update the information appearing on your page at any time. This enables you to keep your information current for the entire duration of your subscription. There are also several options such as page counters, scrolling text, and information request forms that you may want to incorporate into your page. Check the Personalize Your Site page for complete details! No other service, on or off the web, offers this kind of flexibility.

Pricing to take notice of: genealogyPro is very competitively priced so you really can't afford to miss out. The totally-integrated Internet solution offers you web page design, hosting, e-commerce, marketing and on going technical support all in one very economical and effective package. Visit the pricing schedule for full information.

Courteous, Professional, and Personal Service - Guaranteed!

In summary, genealogyPro offers you:

  • Focused advertising in a comprehensive directory that is actively marketed throughout the Internet;
  • A personal web page customized to meet your specific needs and tailored for maximum visibility;
  • Economical e-commerce alternative for secure credit card transactions on the Internet;
  • Free unlimited web page updates;
  • Listings in multiple directories, and additional gateway pages with Articles on Genealogy;
  • No obligation free trial period;
  • Competitive pricing; and
  • Commitment to quality customer service.

A Totally-integrated Internet Solution for your Advertising Needs!

How do I subscribe? It's easy! Sign up right now, risk free, by visiting the registration page. It doesn't take long to complete the form and it usually takes no more than two days to have everything set up. If you have any questions about the service, or have any special requirements, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


John Holwell
Manager - genealogyPro

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professional genealogists

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Advertise with genealogyPro!
Advertise with genealogyPro!
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