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    Billing is available in the currencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia and Canada. If you would like a quote in a different currency, please ask.

Basic Subscriptions USD EUR GBP CDN AUD
Basic web page advertising, submission to main Internet search engines and up to 3000 other search engines and directories, 2 local directory listings, 6 months 29.95 €23.95 £16.75 $37.50 $40.95
Basic web page advertising, submission to main Internet search engines and up to 3000 other search engines and directories, 2 directory listings, 12 months $49.95 €39.95 £26.50 $55.95 $64.95
Additional Features (per subscription period)
Additional directory listings, each $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
Marquee scrolling text $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
Information Request Form displayed on your page $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
Web page counter displayed on your page $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
Display of credit card or PayPal logos only - no e-Commerce $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
1 company logo or photograph up to 30 kilobytes in size $5.00 €4.00 £2.75 $5.75 $6.80
Customized Features - available by email request
We have provided many additional services for clients. From cemetery photo galleries, full fledged database hosting, extra pages, ordering services and more. If there's something you'd like to do with you page, please mail us to discuss it. Price Varies
your requirements for a quote

Payment Methods

Payments are accepted in most major currencies. Email to receive a quote for a currency not listed.

Payments can be made by:

Cheque, Bank Draft, Postal Money Order. Accommodations can be made for Wire Transfer in some cases..

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for particulars.

Please make your remittance payable to Ralph Link and mail to:

Ralph Link
P.O. Box 52
Twillingate, Newfoundland
A0G 4M0

Paypal Preferred

Payment by credit card is now available with PayPal. PayPal provides the world's first instant and secure online payment service. With PayPal, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet. This revolutionary new service provides a safer, faster, easier, and cheaper way to move money in today's digital economy. With a customer base of more than 50 million and continuing to grow rapidly, PayPal is the world's largest Internet-based payment network.

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