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genealogyPro firmly adheres to the privacy rights of all individuals - whether they are clients, past clients, email or postal correspondents, or visitors to the web site.


  • Any information collected by way of web forms or email correspondence is held in strict confidence and not shared with, nor made available to any third party, for money or otherwise.

  • The opt-in form that offers web site users occasional update notifications is entirely voluntary. The email addresses that are collected for this purpose are used only for the delivery of such updates. These email addresses (the only information collected) are not shared nor publicly accessible to any third party. If a person removes their name from this list, further notifications are suspended and no further record of the address is maintained.

  • Site wide statistics concerning domain names, users' system data, referring URLs, and page visit statistics are kept. This information is kept and analyzed for statistical and demographic purposes, and may also be used to help diagnose problems with the server, or to administer the site. The collection of such information is consistent with most web sites on the Internet, but no effort is made, in any way, to discern personal information from it, nor to identify any user's identity.

  • All data associated with e-commerce accounts is temporarily held on the web server in password protected directories. Every e-commerce account owner has a separate account with unique login name and password. Information resident on the server is available only to the e-commerce account owner for whom it was intended. Every e-commerce account owner is advised to remove the information from the server after it has been viewed. Some information may be occasionally be viewed by system administration staff to diagnose server problems but is otherwise entirely kept between the e-commerce account owner and their client.

  • All web based payments using a secure form from the genealogyPro web site is encrypted using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL ensures that the information exchange between the user's browser and web server can not be intercepted by hackers. Click here for more information about SSL.

  • genealogyPro does not analyze, track or in any way monitor correspondence generated by email hyperlinks or web forms on clients' web pages.


  • Clients who advertise with genealogyPro must supply a valid postal address; as well as a telephone number or email address for inclusion on their associated genealogyPro web page. As part of the service provided by genealogyPro, the information appearing on client web pages is marketed as broadly as possible across the Internet, both manually and with automated software. Information other than that which is intended for public dissemination, however, is held in strict confidence.

If you have any privacy concerns regarding genealogyPro, please contact the undersigned. Every effort will be made to ensure your concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.

John Holwell
Manager -

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professional genealogists

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