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professional genealogists

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This form guides you through the process of submitting the information needed to develop your genealogyPro web page. It identifies the details that prospective clients typically want to know, the information you want to include, and how your page will appear. If there are features that you would like incorporated into your page for which the form does not address, please email

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. Your questions and comments are welcome.

NOTE: It is advisable to have a description of your qualifications, services and fees prepared ahead of time. You can then copy and paste it into the appropriate fields below. The form should then take only about 10 minutes to complete. Please use upper and lower case and describe your services in the most professional manner possible. All submissions are checked for grammar and spelling before posting.

The form is organized in four sections:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Information about you and your services
  3. Directory and keywords selections
  4. Additional options for your page

1. Contact Information

These details are necessary to let people know how to contact you.

Your Name (first and last):
Your Email Address:

Street / Route, Line 1:
Street / Route, Line 2:

State / Province / County:

Zip / Postal Code:

Telephone Number
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Name of your service (if different from your name above):

Your existing web site (if applicable):

Have you subscribed to genealogyPro before? Trial periods are not available for previous subscribers but other promotions may apply. Ask for details.

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Please indicate how you found out about genealogyPro?

If "Other", please specify.

Referred by: If you were referred to genealogyPro by an existing genealogyPro client, please enter their name here.

2. Information about you and your services

HINT: It is a good idea to write a description of your qualifications and services with your word processor. You can then copy and paste that information in the appropriate areas.

* Qualifications & experience: Include information about your training, experience, memberships etc.

* Description of the services you provide: List the research activities in which you specialize, records to which you have access, and other details that could assist your potential clients in knowing what to expect.

* Fee Information: Be as complete as you feel necessary.

3. Directory and keyword selections:

* Select the appropriate genealogyPro directories where you would like your services listed. These should be the region where you conduct your research and/or the service in which you specialize. Two listings are included free with your subscription. (Selections are subject to review.)

Central America
Czech Republic
Central and
      Eastern Europe
United Kingdom
UK - Southeast
UK - North Country
UK - West Country
UK - Wales
UK -London
UK - Midlands
New Zealand
Spain & Basques
USA - National
USA - Northeast
USA - Southeast
USA - West/Midwest
Salt Lake City

* You may also list your services in one or more specialty directories.

Criminal Arrest
Finding Missing
Heir & Probate
Lectures and
Internet Research
Jewish Research
Medical Research
Native American
Printing &
Translation Services

* If the region you serve, or your specialty is not listed, please suggest a new directory:

* Provide a short summary your key services or specific research localities. This will appear next to your name in the directories you chose above.

* Well chosen keywords and phrases help increase the visibility of your page when people look for your services with search engines. These keywords are added into META information embedded in your web page. It is not displayed in your web browser window, but it is important when your site is indexed by search engines such as Google. Add or amend to the list with your own set of specific keywords.

4. Additional Options for your page:

* Page Style: Choose the page style for your web page. Be sure to use your browser's back button after reviewing each style.

Traditional - Sample
Modern - Sample
Classic - Sample

* Font Selection: Choose a font style for your web page.

Arial - the font used on this page.
Times New Roman - This sentence uses Times New Roman font.
Comic Sans MS - This sentence uses Comic Sans MS font.

* Information Request Form: Include a Information Request Form? (Sample) Queries generated from the form are sent directly, and only, to you.


* Page counter: Page counters indicate the number of viewings, or visitors to your page. Include a page counter? (Sample)


* Scrolling text: Include scrolling text to display a special message? (Sample)

Yes ... enter message below (200 characters max)

* SecureForm: If you accept payment by credit card, you need a means to accept them securely over the Internet. SecureForm provides this capability using the industry standard protocol for e-commerce - Secure Sockets Layer. Click here for more information.

I am interested in a SecureForm Account?     No       Yes

Note: SecureForm is not available to trial subscribers. If you selected 'Yes' above and choose to continue as a paying subscriber, you will be contacted regarding the establishment of an account.

* Credit Card / PayPal Logos: If you accept payment by credit card, displaying the logo is a good idea. Indicate if you want any of the following logos displayed. (Sample)

American Express

Congratulations ...
Click on the Submit button & you're done!

Please allow two days for development and publication.
You will be notified by email when your page is online.

professional genealogists

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