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German & Germany Genealogy

Esther Bauer Ph.DDeciphering and Translation of Old German Script, Translation of all German Genealogy Records, German and German Jewish Genealogy Research Microfilm Research of all LDS Microfilms, including German Church Records, German Civil Records, German Jewish Records, German Census Records, German Wills, German Emigration and Immigration. Also, Old German Translations.
Legacy Tree GenealogyFull service professional research company located near the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our professional genealogists have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience. We have access to millions of genealogy records and databases with agents all over the world who access records for us. We'd love to help you discover your family tree!
Professional Property Genealogist Searches and establish copies of properties (movable and immovable) parent documents and records in Achieves, Governments Records rooms and central Bank and other related Banks. File Applications for title ownership, name transfer for immovable properties and claim or unclaimed Ancestral Bank account money and safety boxes and liquidated company shares settlement to present successors etc.
H&H De Recherche Dheritiers Search Heirs In All The Arab World
Svetlana MortensenProfessional Genealogist specializing in Polish, Lithuanian, Byelorussian, Russian and German research; FEEFHS member; Fluent in Russian, Polish, and Lithuanian; Experienced in working with archives in Russia, Poland, and Lithuania.
TransGerman, LLCGerman translation, certification, and notarization of official documents, literary translation, dual-language websites, miscellaneous translations. Transcription of "old German" texts.
Uwe PortenWell reputated and experienced researcher based in Germany. Main research regions: Hesse, Baden, Wurtemberg, Pfalz, Prussia, Thuringia, Saxony, Bavaria, as well as Switzerland and Luxemburg. First class work. Does also offer guided research and heritage tours in Germany.
Youngman Genealogy Research Services Specializing in California genealogy research; Also in-depth experience in American National, European, and Canadian research.
Watta Research ServiceNetwork of experienced professional Genealogists based in Poland, specializing in Polish, German and Jewish genealogy; Searches in whole country; Access to non-microfilmed records and parishes; Translations; A comprehensive genealogy service. 
Eckhard HenselFull-time professional genealogist, living in Germany, specializing in German genealogy (including former German territories now in Poland); Heir & Probate Research; 41 years of experience. Plus English-German, German-English translations; Old script and new text.
Kenneth KronenbergDo you have Family records, Letters, Diaries, Old contracts, Wills, Deeds or First-hand accounts written in Old German handwriting that have not been evaluated or translated? I am a published author and professional translator experienced in old German handwriting (Kurrent, Sütterlin) and Gothic print (Fraktur).
Dr. Elke HedstromDr. Elke Hedstrom's native language is German. She is a professional translator experienced in old German handwriting (Kurrent, Suetterlin) and Fraktur print. Her area of specialization is German genealogy.
MyGenealogist.com MyGenealogist.com is a leader in family history research. Our genealogists have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience and are ready to assist you trace your family ancestry. We do original research for you in records of the LDS Family History in Salt Lake City, as well as in record repositories and databases in the U.S, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and World Wide. Locate ancestors and family in land records, censuses, church parish records, wills, probate, vital records, immigration, and other types of records. Our professional genealogists are ready to help!
Kim MelchiorScandinavian Genealogical Research Services for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Germany (Schleswig-Holstein); Including on site research and how-to seminars.
Kathi Stock - Certified Translations Certified translations of English documents into German and German documents into English; Dedication to my client's needs!
Giancarlo Zeni Genealogist and researcher with more than eight years experience in family history research, specializing in cases from Brazilian colonial and imperial periods to nowadays, in finding missing links, in documents needed for recognition of Italian citizenship in Brazil and Italy and in immigrants' family history, specially Italian and German; Layout-making and graphic arts, allowing thepublishing of your genealogical work as a book, a genealogical tree, etc.
VS Probate Assistance & World Search CoLeading probate genealogy firm. Offer professional genealogical research experience. Locate missing people and unknown heirs in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, Poland, Germany and other Western European countries. Provide record search services in the U.S. and Canada. High success ratio in identifying and locating missing heirs in USA. Specialists in family history research in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
David KohoutProfessional genealogy researcher in Czech Republic with state concession since 1993.
A. Boyd Nielsen, R. G.Complete genealogical research services
German Ancestors Search High success ratio in locating missing people. Heir search and general genealogy research in Germany and former German areas now in Poland.
Unfolding LineagesIf you need help in tracing your European, United States, or Mexican ancestry, let me be the one to help. Many years experience and have studied 5 languages. Extremely reasonable rates.
SearchingForYouInternational Tracing Services and Genealogy; Reuniting people with their birth families; Locating former military members of World War II occupational forces and locating their child or children overseas; Locating the birth parents of adopted children.
MyAncestorFind Family History ServicesComplete genealogy services for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Specialize in Irish, Scots-Irish, English, German, and Eastern European families. Edit family histories. Conduct classes/workshops.
Sabine SchleichertProfessional Genealogist for Bavaria, Baden, Württemberg, Germany; and Austria.

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